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Definition of sun burns

Sun burns are caused by extended exposure to UV rays. UV rays may come from various sources: the sun, phototherapy lamps (including the tanning salon), arc lamps (welding devices) etc. Usually, sun burns are first degree burns, the most serious cases are second degree burns. The major discomfort occurring is caused especially by the affected area of the skin which many times is very large. Sun burns are frequently accompanied by heatstroke, feeling generally unwell with fever, chills, headache and intense tiredness. Insulation is treated symptomatically but most of the times it heals on its own after one day or two.

Treatment of sun burns

The specific treatment of the sun burns consists in the application of the Epitelin cream on the skin surface. Through the regenerating and nutritious properties, Epitelin – cream with marigold feeds the dry skin dehydrated by the sun and heals the burns caused by the sun, in the shortest period of time. It is also recommended to ensure an appropriate hydration with spring water.