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This type of arthritis is associated with the inflammatory processes of different bowel diseases: Chron’s disease, microbial enterocolitis, lymphocytic colitis, ulcerative colitis, intestinal by-pass, hepatitis, etc. Arthritis, i.e. inflammation of the joint, is caused by some microbial antigens which are deposited in the joint, thus determining an immune reaction of the body defending itself, and thus the inflammation appears.


Arthritis in the inflammatory bowel diseases has first of all systemic symptoms due to the microbial antigens, namely: fever, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, weight loss, feeling sick.


The differential diagnosis is decided by the specialised physician following the examination and some blood tests which may show: the increase in the ESR, positive C-reactive protein, anaemia, leucocytosis, absence of rheumatoid factor.


Like for any other disease, the first to be treated would be the cause, that is the inflammatory bowel diseases. Joint inflammation and systemic inflammation are treated with anti-inflammatory medicines. A special boost for the anti-inflammatory action is given by the use of the topical products: The Dr. Boici Cream or the Relaxing Gel with hellebore for massaging the affected joints.