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Phlebitis and arteritis represent the inflammation of the vessel wall: the vessel wall for phlebitis and the arterial wall for arteritis. Phlebitis is more common, it occurs many times being associated with venous thrombosis (thrombus), in this case, we are dealing with thrombophlebitis.


Phlebitis symptoms include mild pain in the calf area, especially in case of infection or upon palpation, normal temperature, increased pulse rate, inflammation, heat and local redness.


In addition to the existence of the above mentioned symptoms, the diagnosis may be confirmed through phlebography or Doppler ultrasound.


The first step towards healing is represented by leg rest and positioning the legs higher than the rest of the body; at the same time, an adjunctive role can be played by the cold water compresses. Medicinal treatment may be administered, it can be recommended by a specialised physician or topical preparations may be used: Stimuven Plus gel or Stimuven plus cream. These minimize the inflammation of the vessel wall, have venotonic effect and increase resistance of the vessel wall. At the same time, they also have a beneficial effect upon the venous valves, they improve venous circulation and lead to the disappearance of the blood stasis in the legs.