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Knee arthritis represents the temporary or permanent impairment of the knee joint and the tissues adjacent to the joint. Most of the times, we are dealing with an osteoarthritis of the knee joint.


This disease is frequently encountered in middle aged persons and the elderly. The symptoms include: pain located at the knee radiating in the adjacent area and the stiffening of the joint. A frequent manifestation is the morning stiffness which disappears after few movements.


The physician can determine the diagnosis following the physical, the X-ray or the arthroscopic examination.


Treatment generally consists in the administration of anti-inflammatory drugs and the use of topical creams or gels. The Aliphia specialists recommend to use the Dr. Boici Cream or the Relaxing Gel with hellebore in order to relieve pain and inflammation of the knee joint. Due to the very powerful active ingredients, after the systematic use of these products, the joint can return back to its normal state physiologically, while all the symptoms could disappear.

The Dr. Boici Cream and the Relaxing Gel with hellebore contain only 100% natural active ingredients from hellebore, chestnut and juniper. The complete portfolio of actions and the complementary effect of these products recommend them for all types of arthritis and all rheumatic diseases. For a more boosted action, compresses with the Relaxing Solution with hellebore can be applied in advance. This solution degreases the skin and prepares the skin or the optimal absorption of the active ingredients in the cream or gel.