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Arthritis definition

Arthritis represents an inflammation of a joint and a gradual impairment of the cartilage which is eroded during the ageing process, following an impact or following over-stress (in professional athletes).

Arthritis symptoms

The characteristics of arthritis are nocturnal joint pain which can wake up the impaired person. In the morning, the joints recapture their mobility only after a prior warm-up. The duration of the warm-up represents the status of the disease. The joint is often swollen and red.

Diagnosis of arthritis

Arthrocentesis represents the only method of diagnosis, it implies the puncture of the joint, thus, it can be determined if there are microcrystals, the degree of inflammation or the pathogen can be determined. For a more precise diagnostic and in order to have an intimate view of the joint status, we may use arthroscopy.

After the diagnosis, the type of arthritis can be determined, and this can be: knee arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis in the inflammatory bowel diseases, reactive arthritis, gout, osteoarthritis.

Arthritis treatment

Function of the type of arthritis, the treatment is specific, and in all cases, creams or gels such as the Dr. Boici Cream or the Relaxing Gel with hellebore can be used. They minimize inflammation and pain, the effect being long-lasting. The 100% natural active ingredients reach deep into the joint and inhibit inflammation, reduce pain, relax the muscles and restore the mobility of the joints.

The reasonable price, great quality and immediate effect recommend the Dr. Boici Cream and the Relaxing Gel with hellebore in different type of arthritis.