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Frequent conditions of the lips

Even if they are part of the skin, which is an organ meant to protect us against external factors, lips have a very different structure. Lips are in fact very sensitive thin mucous membranes, richly vascularized and innervated. At the same time, they are a sense organ, being very sensitive. Sensitivity and responsiveness are also due to the fact that the lips are made of 3-5 layers of epithelial cells, compared to 16 layers, which make up the major part of the skin. This is why lips are sensitive to dehydration and external factors such as wind, sun or cold.


Even a mild degree of dryness of the lips creates considerable discomfort. Cracking of the lips is the consequence of the fact that cells become dehydrated and dry. Since the area is richly vascularized, bleeding occurs and it is accompanied by a burning sensation, pain and, of course, the unpleasant aspect which cannot be neglected. The natural reflex of licking one’s lips should be avoided. Saliva evaporates and only worsens dehydration. At the same time, do not bite your lips and do not break off the skin fragments which appear in these cases. In addition to dryness and the cracking of the lips, the swelling of the lips occurs; this is a permanent state of discomfort which cannot be neglected.

In many people, dry lips support the appearance of oral herpes which creates discomfort and an unpleasant look. Herpes also occurs when the immune system is low and the virus can go from dormant state into an active state. Oral herpes affecting the lips is generally a recurrent condition, which can hardly be treated.

Herpes treatments

For all these lip problems starting from their care or a small discomfort and going up to chopped lips and herpes of the lips, we recommend the Protective lip cream with antiherpetic action.

The protective lip cream with antiherpetic action contains natural extracts of liquorice, mugwort, evening primrose and vitamins A and E; these have antiherpetic action and help regenerate the mucous membrane of the lips or maintain the health of the lips.

The antiherpetic action is very intense, it prevents and treats the herpes. The active ingredients go into the ganglion of the sensitive root of the nerves and destroy the herpetic virus inside and outside the cell, having thus an anti-recurring effect. The smooth and intensely hydrating texture feed the lip cells and boost their capacity to fight off external factors. The discrete rose scent will delight your senses and will make you feel comfortable again.